Teacher Learns Students Are Secretly Starving, So She Makes Space On Bookshelves And Stocks Food

Learning is pretty difficult to do on an empty stomach. As a dedicated middle school English teacher in Nashville, Tennessee, Tina Noel was shocked to discover that many of her students were being forced to do just that. Though school meals were provided to them throughout the week she found out that many of them were eating next to nothing during the evenings and on weekends.

When Tina realized her students' plight, she decided it was time to think outside the box and take matters into her own hands. The results of her idea became an inspiration to others in her area and throughout the nation to come together and help find a solution to the students' hunger problem.


Tina realized that while her classroom shelves were filled with books written to feed the students' minds, they had an even more basic need for food to feed their bodies. So she made room on her classroom shelves for all sorts of imperishable foods. She put up a post about her class food pantry project on Facebook. The post quickly gained the attention of other concerned citizens.

These big-hearted individuals began donating to Tina's classroom.

Soon, other needy students in the school found out about the food pantry. Of course, this compassionate teacher invited them to benefit from the donations as well. Before weekends and school breaks, Tina invites students in need to grab a bag and stock up so they won't have to go hungry when they're away from school.

This teacher's concern for her students is a great example for all of us to be more aware of the hidden struggles those around us may be facing in life. Like her, we can look for ways to make a difference in the lives of those in need. If you were inspired by reading this amazing story, pass it along to your friends and family, and let us know how reading it impacted you personally!

Show this story to your friends and family to raise awareness of the hunger problem many in our nation are facing. Maybe reading this post will help others to get involved in coming up with creative solutions!