Teacher Keeps His Wedding From Students Fearing Their Disapproval, But They Show Up To His Amazement

Christopher Landis works at the Hingham Middle School in Massachusetts. He is the school's choir director and has quickly become a beloved figure there.

Unbeknown to his students, he was also engaged and getting ready to marry his partner, Joe. Fearing disapproval if it became known he was gay, he tried to keep his relationship and wedding secret from his students. When his students found out they gave him the best possible wedding gift they could: they showed up. 

A man named Joe came by frequently to see Christopher. When Christopher's students asked who he was, he just said that Joe was "a friend." What he didn't tell them was that Joe was actually his partner and that the two were engaged.

Christopher lied because he wasn't sure what his students (or their parents) would think of him being gay.


At Christopher's wedding rehearsal, he saw that his guests had their phones out. It looked like they were ready to record something. But what?

The surprise was revealed when Christopher's choir students arrived. They were all dressed up and ready to perform for him. They sang "All You Need Is Love" as Christopher began crying.

At that moment, he knew that his relationship was worthy of celebration, not judgment. He had nothing to fear. All of his students and their families supported Christopher and his marriage to Joe.

Not only that, but Christopher discovered that Joe had been in on the surprise all along. Joe had recruited all of Christopher's students. They spent months rehearsing to make sure the performance went perfectly.

It may have been a fairly simple gesture on the surface. But what Christopher's students taught us all is that truly, all you need is love. It doesn't matter what form it takes.

We're all afraid of judgment in different ways. Has someone ever reached out to you as reassurance? Let us know in the comments and pass this along to your friends and family to inspire them today!