30 Different Ways to Kiss

30 Different Ways to Kiss
Rekindle Your Romance with these 30 Kissing Techniques
Kiss in 30 Different Ways

Whether it’s a brief peck on the lips or a long, sensual smooch, you would be hard-pressed to find someone who does not enjoy kissing in one form or another! While kissing may seem like it’s a fairly straight-forward process, the truth is that there are many different forms of kissing. Actually, kissing can be so varied and unique that each type of kiss feels entirely different. While it would be impossible to list all the different types of kissing, we’ve made a list of 30 of the most popular types of kiss and why you might consider adding them to you smooching routine!

#1. Slow and Steady Kisses. Kissing doesn’t have to be full of passion and fury; sometimes, the most important kisses are the slowest and deepest. Rather than trying to overwhelm your partner with your exuberance, consider a long smooch that last at least half-a-minute. Use this time to really show your sweetheart what they mean to you using your mouth.

#2. French Kissing. The total opposite of slow and steady kisses, French kissing is full of passion and desire. You French kiss someone when your tongue enters their mouth or your tongue touches that of the other person.

#3. Kissing on the Hand. If you’re a guy who wants to show his woman a little bit of respect, ditch the smooches on the mouth and instead go for her hand. Nothing tells a girl that she is loved and honored quite like a gentle kiss on the back of the hand.

#4. Forehead Kisses. Girls go absolutely crazy for kisses on the forehead. When a man kisses his girl on the forehead, she doesn’t have to feel like he simply wants to make out. A forehead kiss is a sweet way to show someone that they truly matter to you.

#5. The Short but Sweet Peck. A gentle peck on the lips or even the cheek is entirely non-committal but still tells a lot about your feelings for someone. The peck kiss is a great option if you aren’t sure about the relationship, but want to throw out a hint without a full-fledged smooch on the mouth.

#6. Kissing One Lip. We generally think of kisses as involving both lips, but people actually enjoy a single lip kiss. Rather than going for the entire mouth, a single lip kiss involves kissing one of your partner’s lips without the other.

#7. Kisses in the Morning. Unsure of how to get your husband or wife up and going in the morning? Start the day out with a soft kiss!

#8. Conversation Kisses. If you’re in the midst of a conversation and tender feelings start to rise, consider making a brief interruption with a swift kiss.

#9. Drinking and Kissing. Okay, this one isn’t for the faint of stomach, but some people actually enjoy kissing while they’re in the process of drinking. During the kiss, some of their drink is transferred to the other person’s mouth. Be careful while doing this one – some partners might not enjoy a mouth full of your Diet Coke!

#10. Kisses on the Shoulders. Some people love being tenderly kissed on the shoulders, giving them the feeling that they are loved and appreciated in a very intimate way.

#11. Australian Kisses. Okay, if you’re not much into the French way of doing things, consider an Australian kiss. An Australian kiss is similar to a French kiss but isn’t quite as fancy.

#12. Kisses on the Stomach. Whether your partner is a guy or a girl, a tender kiss on the stomach is a flirty way to spice things up.

#13. Kisses on the Cheek. Not sure if you’d get slapped if you kiss your crush on the lips? By-pass the smooch and go for a cheek kiss instead. These kisses are innocent and gentle, while still opening the door for more in the future.

#14. Kisses on the Back. Men generally are considered the kissers in a relationship, but kisses on the back can be a sweet but passionate way for a woman to show her love for her husband.

#15. A Kiss for an Angel. Do you feel like your girlfriend is an angel? Try gently kissing her on the eyelids…just make sure that her eyes are closed before you go in for the kiss!

#16. Eskimo Kissing. Your lips aren’t the only way to kiss! Try Eskimo kissing by rubbing your noses together rather than your lips.

#17. Kissing the Ears. If you want to put some spark into your marriage, try kissing your partner on the ears. Nothing is quite as much a turn-on as some ear-kissing.

#18. Butterfly Kisses. Just like the Eskimo kissing, butterfly kisses don’t involve the lips. With butterfly kisses, you connect by fluttering your eyelashes together.

#19. Sharing Lip Gloss. Want to get into some deep kissing? Put on a bunch of lip gloss, then make a game of seeing how much of it you can transfer to your man while smooching.

#20. Sharing Fruit. Want a healthy snack while you’re kissing? Take some fruit in your mouth, such as a strawberry, and transfer it to your lover’s mouth while kissing.

#21. Kissing Puzzles. Rather than sticking to just one location, add a little bit of thrill to your marriage by kissing in a puzzle. Go for the arms, hands, and forehead as you kiss them in surprising ways.

#22. Biting While Kissing. This isn’t for everyone, so make sure that your partner is okay with it before you get started! If you want to try biting, gently nibble on the other person’s lips while kissing.

#23. Kissing Under the Mistletoe. Yeah, it is cliché, but it’s also sweet! Don’t miss out on extra kisses by putting up some mistletoe and setting it to work!

#24. Kissing with Chocolate. Some people enjoy putting chocolate in their mouth before kissing so that their smooches taste sweet and like a piece of desert.

#25. Kiss and Blow. Kiss your partner until they are practically on fire, then blow on their lips, creating and hot and cold sensation.

#26. Kissing Like a Vampire. To add some spice to your relationship, try giving a vampire kiss where you kiss, bite, and suck on your partner’s neck.

#27. Kissing in the Rain. Everyone loves a romantic, rainy movie scene. The next time is starts raining you should head outside with your partner and enjoy some smooches!

#28. Sucking Lips. Some people love to have their lips sucked while kissing.

#29. Kissing on the Jaw. If you want to show someone your love and devotion, consider giving them a kiss on the jaw-line.

#30. Breathe out a Kiss. Rather than smooching with your lips, try using your mouth to simply breathe on each other instead.