Taxi Drivers Find 4-Year-Old Girl Wandering Streets All Alone At Night Pushing Cart Full Of Toys

Sep 24, 2020 by apost team

Taxi drivers are used to seeing a lot of unusual things when driving in the late hours of the night. However, some British cabbies were in for a surprise when they spotted a four-year-old girl wandering through the streets of Rochford, Essex at 2:30 in the morning, pushing a cart full of her toys last December.

The little girl was dressed in nothing but a onesie as she made her way down the street with her dolls and stuffed animals in tow.

According to the Sun, John Busuttil is the first taxi driver who spotted the child as she wandered in the street on her own.

 "She was pushing a toy pram and dressed in a brown furry onesie, and I thought 'there's got to be an adult with her'," Bassuttil told the publication.

"When I saw there wasn't, I stopped and went back, and another AC taxi arrived at the same time."

As Busuttil pulled his taxi to a stop, another driver stopped his car as well after spotting the little girl at the same time. It wasn't long before three taxis were on the scene.

He crouched down beside the child on the sidewalk and asked where she was going. The little girl was quick to explain that she had decided to go to her grandma’s while her mom was at home asleep.

Busuttil then suggested to his passenger to speak to the girl, under the pretense that the girl could feel more comfortable speaking to a woman.

"As a father myself I know the girl would have probably felt better speaking to a woman rather than three big men," he explained. Kravchenko

After calling for the police, the taxi drivers put the child inside one of the cars while they waited on the authorities to arrive. After the police arrived at the scene, they took her back to her mother and called social services who confirmed that she was safe to be returned since no crime was committed.

Even after the police arrived at the scene, the taxi drivers weren’t ready to give up their posts. Instead, they followed the police cruisers to the girl's home so that they could ensure that the child who had quickly won their hearts was going to be okay.

The manager of AC Taxis, Stephen Noakes, spoke to the Essex Echo to commend the drivers who stopped to check on the little girl and then went the extra mile to ensure she got home safe. He also thanked the female passenger who got out to talk to the child and offered her a free taxi ride in the future. Noakes went on to explain that the entire service takes child safety very seriously and even has courses that help drivers recognize vulnerable kids.

We are so glad that these brave taxi drivers are concerned about the safety of those they encounter on the streets and that they aren’t so busy with their lives that they were unwilling to stop.

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