Tame 7ft Bear Lives With Russian Couple

Jun 30, 2020 by apost team

There is a couple in Russia that has a truly unique pet.

When Yuriy and Svetlana Panteleenko sit down to dinner, they do so with their seven-foot-tall domesticated bear Stepan.

It is quite a sight to behold to see a couple spend their evenings watching television with a bear and it is not hard to see why this story has received so much attention. Stepan even helps out with the chores around the house. Those who have viewed this unique situation are delighted at the sight of watching a large bear using a watering can to water plants.


This Bear Enjoys a Spoiled Life With His Adopted Family

According to Metro, Stepan enjoys one spoiled and luxurious life with his parents Svetlana and Yuriy. This includes being one well-fed bear. His daily diet includes some 25 kg of foods such as eggs, fish, and veggies. Bowls of porridge are regularly on the menu and he also loves indulging his well-known sweet tooth by enjoying some condensed milk.

With this kind of daily menu made available to him, it is safe to say that Stepan is living a life of luxury as his adopted parents relentlessly spoil him. Those who have viewed this adorable video love the heartwarming scene of Stepan picnicking on the grass with Svetlana and Yuriy.

Stepan's Family Makes Sure to Keep Their Unique Pet Bear Entertained

Whether it is a game of ball in the yard or sitting down for television time, Stepan is a bear that is kept consistently entertained by his adopted parents.

According to Svetlana and Yuriy, Stepan is a football fanatic, an activity which luckily burns off calories.

A Family That He Has Known for Nearly His Entire Life

Stepan has known Svetlana and Yuriy as his family for nearly the entirety of his life. They first adopted him when he was only a three-month-old cub. Hunters had found him as a cub after he had lost his mother. Since his adoption, he has developed a gentle and sociable personality and is known as a bear that loves people. His adopted parents always give him plenty of love and cuddles as well.

Most people might not expect to see the sight of a domesticated bear when they initially come to the home of Yuriy and Svetlana Panteleenko but that is exactly what they find. They are even more surprised when they see how calm and friendly this gentle giant is.

What was your initial reaction when you saw the sight of a seven-foot-tall bear living a domesticated life with a Russian family? Where you intrigued, fascinated, and moved emotionally at the same time? If you were drawn in by this unique sight then keep passing this video on so that more people can find out about this unique story.