Talkative Foal Has A Lot To Say To Owner

Lola the foal proved to be a chatty character when she started "having conversations" with her owner at their barn in Dunsfold, England. Her owner posted a video of their chat on Bayfield Stud's youtube channel in 2017.

Since domesticated animals look so innocent and humble, human beings feel drawn to protect them. That’s why people will talk to their cats or dogs as if they’re having a conversation with a child. Human beings think that animals are cute and that’s why they treat them like children. They want to watch over them.

The big question is whether animals hear what you’re saying. Video evidence shows that they can hear and understand you.

One lady decided to complement a foal, and the reaction was priceless. As soon as she said the foal’s name, Lola, she got up. The lady proceeds to give Lola compliments. She tells Lola that she is cute. The little horse can’t contain herself. She neighs and brays at the lady. Lola looks excited.

Lola’s mother stands in the background. She checks on her little Lola to see what she’s doing. On seeing that the human doesn’t pose any threat, she remains in the background and lets Lola enjoy herself.

The lady is curious about what Lola is saying and asks her. Lola responds by making happy noises and moving around the stable. Someone saw the video on youtube and commented on how great it could be if Lola would remain that talkative as an adult horse.

However, viewers shouldn’t worry because Lola has what it takes to become a mature talkative horse. As long as the stable owners take good care of her. Taking care of foals can be a bit difficult because the caretaker has to watch out for the mother as they groom the young horse.

Although humans don’t speak horse, the viewers can guess that Lola was saying something important. It’s like listening to a baby. You don’t understand them, but you’re captivated by their attempts at trying to communicate.

Interestingly, horses have a very subtle way of bonding. Apart from the occasional neighs, you’ll never hear them make any noise when they are together in the stable. That’s why this video is so amazing. There’s a little horse that does not shy away from expressing herself publicly.

It highly unlikely that Lola will forget the kind lady. That’s because horses have a natural instinct that allows them to remember humans that treated them well. Pass this story along to your friends and family so they, too, can be inspired to be more kind to animals.