Talented Young Girl Draws A Crowd In The Grocery Store

An ordinary mommy-daughter outing to the grocery store turned into a viral sensation after this little girl drew a crowd when deciding to spontaneously showcase her wonderful talent. This 8-year-old little girl wasn’t afraid to put her skills to the test in front of her fellow customers in the grocery store.

An onlooker whipped out her smartphone to record the performance, and now the internet is taking note of this amazing video. The rawness of her talent has already been praised and viewed 4.4 million times since it’s original posting. As the presentation continues, more and more patrons of the store start to observe the wonderful little girl themselves.

In the age of the smartphone, any little public stunt can go viral with the click of the record button. It’s common these days to record surprising incidents we encounter in our daily lives and share them with others. The onlooker who recorded the video was obviously aware of the little girl’s skill, which was her amazing voice!


Who says the Walmart meat aisle can’t be as great of a place to showcase your talent as a performance hall? This little girl showed no sense of shyness when she decided to burst out into song with Adele’s classic, “Rolling in the Deep.” There was guaranteed to be a few jaw drops when witnesses gathered to watch this performance.

Though most would be petrified at the thought of belting out a tune in front of customers at the grocery store, the confidence of this young lady shines through her amazing and mature singing voice. The eight-year old’s strong vocals will make you think she deserves a recording contract!

So, is this little girl going to be the next Adele? What do you think? Show this to your friends if you were as impressed as I was!