Sweet Therapy Dog Chooses A Different Toy To Take To Bed Every Night

If you have ever owned a dog, then you know that many of our canine friends love their toys. In fact, most dogs will choose a favorite toy to carry around with them. Dogs love the comfort of having their toys close to them, just like human children often love to carry around their favorite toy from room to room.

While many dogs act this way, one Golden Retriever has taken it to the next level. Mojito Rose is an adorable dog who loves all of the toys she has to pick from. However, she can be a little bit picky when it comes to which toy she wants to take to bed with her when it is time for some shut-eye.

Mojito Rose is a therapy dog who will search her whole house in order to find one specific toy to bring into her bed at night. She has been performing this same ritual for at least a year and a half. This 3-year-old angel knows the toy that she wants every single night, and she will not rest until she has it. Once she finds it, she will carry the toy to her bedroom upstairs.


Check out all of the different pictures below to see just how many toys Mojito Rose has!

Mojito can be fussy about the toy she wants to take to the bedroom.

She will search everywhere for the toy she is looking for. She has lots of toys to pick from.

Kim Downie is the owner of Mojito. She told the website “the dodo” that Mojito is extremely specific when it comes to her toys. She will even empty out a toy box while searching for her bedtime toy.

Sometimes, Mojito will even show off her toy to her cat friend, Vader.Then she will head on upstairs to bed with it.

Her toys will then stay in Mom and Dad’s bedroom until Mojito decides to bring them downstairs again.

If the adults try to take the toys back downstairs themselves, this adorable dog will bring them right back up again. There is no fooling her!

Downie has even admitted that the spoiled dog has too many dog toys. However, watching her bring them to bed every night is just too cute.

To see more photos of sweet Mojito, watch the video below:

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