Sweet Dad Makes Sure To Always Give His Daughter Freshly Picked Roses From His Garden Every Day

Jan 27, 2023 by apost team

The kind of love a father has for his daughter is immeasurable. Women who grew up with a loving father can attest to the fact there’s simply nothing like the kind of unbreakable bond between a father and his daughter. Even in a lot of films and television shows, fathers are often depicted as supportive of their daughters who, most often than not, can’t say no to them each time they ask a favor. Perhaps that’s the reason why people coined the term “daddy’s girl.” Because dads are willing to give everything for their daughters. Of course, fathers love their sons too. Then again, no one can deny the fact that fathers have a unique way of showing their love for their daughters.  

But there are also times when fathers are portrayed to be stern. Well, that’s because they are naturally protective of their daughters. And it’s something that should not be taken against them. After all, fathers only want what’s best for their daughters. When getting asked for their daughters’ hands in marriage, for example, fathers find it hard to let go of them. That’s because they want to make sure their daughters will marry the right man. If there’s one thing we’re sure of, it’s that the best fathers are consistent with the kind of love they give to their daughters – and it could be shown in many forms, including care or gifts. But it doesn’t matter whether it’s big or small as long as it comes from the heart.

A woman named Cassi Adams from Michigan proved that fathers could be the sweetest and most loving people toward their daughters.

Cassi shared a heartwarming video in August 2022 about her father, Steve Adams’ simple yet sweet gesture of giving her flowers every single day.

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In the video, Steve can be seen running towards Cassi – who was inside her car – while holding a few stems of roses. Steve then handed Cassi flowers before giving her flying kisses. Describing the moment as a core memory, Cassi wrote: “When your dad never lets you leave the house without fresh roses from the garden.”

Several people were touched by Cassi’s TikTok post, with some even sharing their own experiences. Even dads couldn’t help but feel emotional about the touching moment between Cassi and Steve.

One father said: “This girl dad over here is now crying like a baby right now.”

Another person said: “As a dad of 2, you’ll never realize how much you mean to him.”

Some people said Cassi has the best dad in the world, and they could only wish to have one, too. 

“You literally have the best dad in the freaking world. I wish I had one,” one person said.  

Others shared how cool it was that their fathers have the same shirt as Steve’s, which said, “Dads Against Daughters Dating.” 

“My dad had this shirt, too. I miss him so much every day. God bless you, guys. A father-daughter bond is so special,” one person said.  

“Stop this is so cute! He seems like such a pure soul and a great dad. My dad has that shirt too!” another person remarked.

On the day of her wedding in August 2022, Steve gifted Cassi with a white rose as soon as he laid his eyes on her white wedding dress – and it was the sweetest moment between them.

"He's goofy, very funny, and sensitive but in a masculine way. He has an extremely tender heart and cares deeply about the people he loves," Cassi told Epoch Times in an interview back in November 2022.


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