Sweet Boy Loses Everything In House Fire So Classmates Come To His Aid

Jul 24, 2021 by apost team

Having the support of your friends during tough times can make a huge difference, especially when something life-changing happens. That extra source of love, support and optimism can help push you forward and get through whatever challenges you’re facing. For a third-grade student in Tennessee, he was blown away by the sheer kindness of his fellow classmates when they did their part to help him after his house had caught on fire. The house had burned to the ground, causing him to lose almost all of his possessions, but thankfully no one was hurt in the tragedy.

The students at Philadelphia Elementary School in Philadelphia, Tennessee all chipped in to secretly launch a toy drive for Daniel Hunt, as he had lost almost all of his belongings — including his beloved toys — in the house fire. Showing their love and support for their friend, the optimistic group of third-graders joined forces to carry out their secret plan and surprise Daniel with an abundance of new toys as well as a few other necessities.

The heartwarming moment from 2019 has since gone on to be shared with the world, inspiring others to help out their friends in need. Daniel was so moved by his friends’ commitment to helping him get through such a difficult time that he was overcome with emotions and simply just wanted to hug each and every one of his classmates. Their acts of unconditional kindness and compassion for Daniel were amazing to witness, and the boy’s response was just as beautiful.

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In October 2019, CBS News reported that the Hunts had been staying with family following their devastating house fire, but they had found even more support from Daniel’s school, Philadelphia Elementary School. His teacher and classmates had joined forces to initiate a secret toy drive to help put a smile back on Daniel’s face and provide him with some of the possessions he had lost in the fire.

“It’s all for you!” a young student told Daniel, and the latter was completely blown away by the abundance of gifts just for him. Some of the gifts Daniel received included a Lego toy kit, a lunchbox, a blanket and comic books, as per CBS Evening News. Even with such a huge collection of new toys right in front of him, all Daniel wanted to do was hug his friends and thank them for their kindness and generosity. The hug has since gone on to be seen all over the world, showcasing just how compassionate this third-grade class was to their hurt friend. 

“I said, ‘Come here,’ and they gave me a big hug,” Daniel said. The reason behind why they did it? “Because Daniel is a nice friend and he’s always there for us when we need him,” third-grader Ava said. Daniel was completely overwhelmed with emotions and began crying. Daniel’s mother, Kristen, told WVLT that she was grateful for the school’s gesture. “I sat and cried at work for a good 45 minutes,” she explained. “I’m just so overwhelmed at all the love and the community coming together for us. It’s just very overwhelming and a blessing."


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