Sweet Baby Is Thrilled Because Jazzy Grandpa Plays The Saxophone

Aug 01, 2020 by apost team

Grandpa Joe Sims has been playing the saxophone for baby Braylon since he was born and a recent video captures just how thrilled Braylon gets when his grandpa plays for him.

One of the joys of having a baby is the ability to see the world from a fresh perspective. To a baby, everything is new and exciting. Babies are curious to experience new things, and their reaction is unbridled. The perfect example of this has been captured on video, and it is a precious moment between a baby and his grandpa.

Even for adults who are music aficionados, there is something breathtaking about watching a skilled musician at work. The combination of the musician’s passion and expertise blend with the beautiful sounds coming out of the instrument.

As amazing as it is for us to enjoy listening to a mastered musician, it is even more magical when a baby has the same experience for the first time. In the video, the little boy is seemingly entranced by his grandpa’s finger movements on the sax and by the sweet sounds from the saxophone.


A Look of Wonder

The video begins with a close-up shot of the boy’s angelic face. He is clearly curious about the shiny object that his grandfather is holding on the other side of the kitchen. The grandpa begins wailing on the sax, and the baby quickly seems intrigued.

However, he is far too entranced by jazz music to let on how impressed he is with his grandpa’s skills.

As his grandfather continues playing his instrument, the boy breaks into a smile for a few seconds before returning to his look of awe.

You can tell that the baby does not know quite how to feel with all of the emotions that the sax is stirring up. This is because he transitions between smiling and wonderment several times throughout the video.

Have you had the fortunate experience of seeing the world through new eyes? Perhaps this was after spending time with a baby or through another experience. Let us know in the comments!