Sweet And Gentle Pit Bull Gives Baby BFF Loving Kisses

Jul 28, 2020

Everyone can agree that there are two things in this world that stand above the rest in terms of cuteness: dogs and babies. And, when you capture these two together on video, it can make for a rather special, and adorable, combination. That's what happened in this lovely video in which a baby spends time with a loving, gentle pit bull. We can’t seem to trace the origin of the video, but we found it on Rumble and loved it.

Published in June of 2020 on Rumble, this awesome video shows a sweet, gentle pit bull laying next to and licking the face of an absolutely adorable baby. And, although many individuals believe that pit bulls are aggressive and mean, this video clearly disproves that theory, at least for this individual dog.

This canine and baby combination, who have been skyrocketed into fame with this stunningly cute video, is not the first to produce a popular video. In fact, on YouTube, you can find compilations of funny dogs and cute kids that are over fifteen minutes long!


In particular, this video begins with both the dog and the baby staring at the camera, and the person filming asking "Is that your brother?" Following the question, the dog sniffs and licks the baby's head, before looking away from the camera as if embarrassed.

The dog, unable to resist the cuteness of the baby, then goes back in for more kisses, only to look away and hide his nose in embarrassment. Clearly, this macho looking dog has a soft spot for the baby and doesn't want anyone to know about it.

The baby, for their part, doesn't seem too put-off by the extra canine attention, and actually reaches out of the puppy once the licking stops. These two clearly have a special bond, and we're happy to keep watching videos of the two of them interacting.

Do you think that this pair is too cute to handle? Let us know and pass this wonderful video on to your friends and family members. It's sure to brighten someone's day!