Sweet 11-Year-Old Labrador Saves Abandoned Ducklings And Becomes Their New Father

Fred is an 11-year-old Labrador who received a great deal of fame a year ago for a very good reason. Fred took on the responsibility of making sure that nine ducklings remained safe after their mother disappeared for unknown reasons. 

The nine ducklings are all grown now and have left the family nest but now Fred has a new group of ducklings to look after. 

Fred lives at Mountfitchet Castle not far from Stansted, Essex. The staff at the facility love watching as Fred plays the role of the loving father. The historic castle was once a fort for the Romans and later became a Viking settlement. In 1066, the settlement was attacked by William the Conqueror. 


Jeremy Goldsmith is the director of Mountfitchet Castle and takes a stab at comedy by explaining Fred took to fatherhood as a duck takes to water. Jeremy is a little more serious when he commends the great nature Fred possesses and explains the love the ducks have for him. 

The ducklings under Fred's care was left behind by their mother who left with six of their siblings.  Not long after they were abandoned by their mother, Fred stepped in to fulfill his parental duties.

Once aware of their presence, Fred lay down beside the ducklings to provide them with the warmth of his body. A few moments later, the six ducklings crawled onto his back. One of them playfully positioned himself on the head of the Labrador. 

The ducklings seemed to have no problem with the appearance of their odd-looking caretaker and climbed all over Fred. The staff at Mountfitchet Castle took to Instagram to share Fred's latest exploits as the father of ducklings with the public.

The caption on the photo they used began by explaining Fred was 'at it again.' The photo showed Fred with the week old duckling resting on his back as the doting father smiled at the camera. 

Staff members explained a Muscovy duck mother gave birth to a dozen ducklings but for some unknown reason abandoned half of her babies. The post explained finally the ducklings had a loving caretaker within a matter of minutes. 

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