Susan Boyle Sings “Unchained Melody" And Has Even The Orchestra Astounded

Do you know the name Susan Boyle? Many people do these days. She has become quite a star and not just by one way. She seems to be full of surprises.

Susan Boyle was first seen when she auditioned on "Britains's Got Talent" back in the year 2009. She was 47 and trying to get into the spotlight as a singer. To begin with, not too many saw much in her when she walked out on the stage. The audience and judges based their presumptions on her looks alone.

What they all thought was soon proved otherwise. Susan began to take things to a new level. She received an outpouring of applause and every judge passed her on with a resounding "yes".

A short two years later, she has returned to the spotlight with a rendition of the song "Unchained Melody" which was originally recorded by The Righteous Brothers in the '60s. Her rendition was wonderful and blew everyone away. Her fans stared in awe as the song unfolded. Even The Righteous Brothers fans claim that Susan's performance was quite a treat. It was very powerful.

Susan has received many words of praise since the video was released and posted on YouTube. Many comments have been left from what others think about her performance. One commenter states that it was stunning. She recalls buying Susan's album for her mom five long years ago and knew that she would love this song before even hearing it.

This commenter, Sarah McCormack's, mom was recently diagnosed with cancer and sadly passed. Sarah's mom even went as far as to have this very song played at her funeral. Sarah states that it was breathtaking and not one person had a dry eye. One other commenter, Edi Barbosa, states that Susan's talent is simply a gift to all humanity.

This kind of voice doesn't come along every day. Check out the video and don't be afraid to hit repeat. Be sure and send this on to others so they can experience this spine chilling rendition.