Susan Boyle Lifts "You Raise Me Up" To Heavenly Heights

Aug 01, 2020 by apost team

Twelve years ago, Susan Boyle became known to the world as the woman who stunned everyone with her fantastic voice. Her existence has been the epitome of never judging a book by its cover. She did what nobody had ever thought she could do. And she does it again with a spectacular cover of You Raise Me Up.

In the world of singing and competitions, it is often thought that anyone with an amazing voice has to be as beautiful as a Hollywood idol. Susan Boyle broke this stereotype with her goddess-like voice, winning the hearts of countless fans across the globe. While sharing her voice with the world, Susan also makes sure to keep in touch with her Scottish roots.

As Susan wrote on Facebook, she was invited by Pastors Joel and Victoria Osteen to sing at the Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas. The pastors are incredibly popular and stream a majority of their sermons live. The live streams have approximately 10 million American views and several million more from over a hundred different countries each week.

Lakewood Church is as massive as a sports arena and can be used for holding concerts and other mass events. Whenever the pastors host sermons, the church is surprisingly full to capacity.

During the event, Susan sang along to the delightful melodies of a piano, gaining much-deserved applause from the audience. She has excellent control over her voice and sings with a sweet tone and steady voice.

Her voice has been compared to that of an angel by people who have listened to her sing. In a way, her voice provided the churchgoers with a form of spiritual release as her song enveloped their very souls.

The song that she performed was composed by Secret Garden. It had well over 125 covers, which for the most part gained more popularity than the original version. One notable cover was done by John Groban who spun the song and made it his own. Of course, Susan did not fail to impress either.

In the world of entertainment, society is naturally drawn to those with god-like physical appearances. Where does that leave the rest of us normal folk? Susan's career in music challenges the stereotypes held by today's society and asks us to determine what really matters.

Susan has a passion for singing, and this can be seen in her performance. She is almost acting her songs out, adding expressions and emotions where needed. She sings perfectly, hitting every note and singing every lyric without mistakes. Her performance at the church was so amazing that she received an extra standing ovation. Through all her fame, Susan remains humble and gives all her love to her fans. 

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