Susan Boyle Blows Away The Competition And Earns Golden Buzzer on 'AGT: The Champions'

Are you waiting anxiously for the summer so you can enjoy NBC’s ’America’s Got Talent’? Well, summer is a long time off, and fortunately for us all, we don’t have to wait.

NBC is bringing you a new series in the franchise, featuring the top acts from locations around the world; this series is appropriately named ‘America’s Got Talent: The Champions’. The show is bringing back some of the season’s winning acts, but it’s also bringing back those who could have won but didn’t. The runners up—the losers—as well as some of the winners. And this time they are all pulling out all the stops in an effort to win the crown.

When you think of the original series ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ there is one individual who personifies the best the talent show has to offer. The person who, when she stepped out on the stage, seemed like the least likely person to wow us all with her incredible voice. And that’s Susan Boyle.

It quickly seemed apparent that Boyle would win ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ back in 2009 with little effort. But in fact, Susan Boyle was the season’s runner up. But being in second place did not faze Boyle. “’Britain’s Got Talent’ absolutely changed my life,” she said. Boyle has sold millions of records, evidence that an ordinary person can become extraordinary with the right stage.

The spunky Scottish lass Boyle was one of the final acts to step out onto the first episode of ‘American’s Got Talent, the Champions’. The crowd’s reaction was overwhelming, as was Simon Cowell’s big smile at seeing one of his favorite performers return. He asked the singer if she considered herself a champion, and her response was exactly what we would expect from the humble performer.

“A champion for those who maybe don’t have the confidence to do things,” she said. “For those who maybe don’t have a voice, but ones who people tend to ignore.” Boyle took over the stage with her soaring rendition of “Wild Horses”. And her talent, her charm, and her history paid off, as Mel B. hit the Golden Buzzer to send Boyle through with ease.

Who are you hoping to see return to the stage? Be sure to tune your television set to NBC on Monday nights at 8/7 Central to see who will compete to be crowned the ultimate champion this season.