Super Bowl Player Skips Interviews To Roll Around On Field With His Young Sons

For a professional football player, winning a Super Bowl championship game is a pinnacle of a successful career. Immediately after the game clock winds down to zero and your team is officially declared the winner, you may understandably feel exhausted after a long, hard-fought battle against a worthy opponent.

You may also be ready to shine in the limelight and enjoy this glorious moment in front of the cameras.

This was not the case for James Develin, who chose to spend the moments immediately after Super Bowl LIII rolling around on the field with his two young sons.

James and Jennifer Develin are proud parents to two little boys, James III and William Robert. While the boys attended the Super Bowl in their cute little Patriots outfits, their little sister Adrienne Mattea was at home. James is a fullback for the New England Patriots, who just won a historic sixth Super Bowl championship.

While the football field after the game was filled with reporters, players, coaches, and fans, James Develin headed straight to his wife and sons. You may think that he would be too exhausted to play with his children after performing in a championship game that they clinched a win for in the last several minutes of the game.

However, James immediately hit the ground and began wrestling with his sons as the celebration continued on all around the happy family.

The boys struck their dad with their small fists playfully while James pretended as though their cute hands would actually hurt an NFL football player. However, it is clear that these boys are being raised to be compassionate and respectful. The oldest boy reached out and offered his dad a hand and tried to help him up off of the ground.

James accepted the help of his small son and let him believe that his huge effort made a difference.

The fact that James is a true family man and a doting dad was even more evident when he skipped interviews with reporters after the big win to share snack time on the field with his boys. James is just one of many successful parents who have found a way to put family first while still having amazing careers.

After watching the precious video of games with his children on the field, let us know about magical moments that you have shared with your kids or witnessed in other families by leaving comments below.