Super Bowl Commercial Features Sam Elliott and Little Nas X Squaring Up in Western Dance Battle

Sam Elliot was featured in a chip commercial dancing to the country-rap hit "Old Town Road." Doritos released a one-minute commercial starring the legendary actor and Lil Nas X, the performer of the hit. 

In the clip, Elliot walks into a saloon and starts quoting the lyrics from the song "Old Town Road." His famous southern draw works perfectly with the lines from the song as he mouths them out. Then a beat can be heard from outside before Elliot sets down his drink and exits the saloon.

A second preview of the commercial released by Doritos shows Elliot and Lil Nas facing off in a dance duel. “Make your move, cowboy," Elliot says before Lil Nas breaks out into dancing. Elliot's famous mustache also breaks out a move as it wiggles across his face. The dance number goes on and on before Elliot gives in to Lil Nas's dances moves. 

Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic/Getty Images

At the end of the clip Lil Nas rides off on his horse as he says, "Who got next?" The video cuts to a Billy Ray Cyrus sitting on a rocking chair with a guitar saying, “I ain’t dancin’!” Cyrus was featured on the "Old Town Road" song as well. 

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