Sumatran Tiger Gives Birth To Seemingly Lifeless Twin Cub, Maternal Instincts Jolt Into Action

There are few things more miraculous than creating new life and welcoming a child into this world. While many animals give birth to healthy newborns, things do not always go as planned for some mothers. The Sumatran tiger is a critically endangered species, and birth in itself is miraculous in a way.

When a pregnant Sumatran tiger sadly gave birth to a male cub that was perilously close to death in 2015, the near-tragedy would have been heartbreaking for the mother tiger as well as for her entire species. Thankfully, her motherly instincts jolted her into action at just the right time, and you can watch this tearful moment yourself in the video below.

A Young Cub Gasps for Air

The Sumatran tiger mom, Kaitlyn, gave birth to two male cubs in front of a small audience at Australia Zoo.

One cub was weak from the experience, but he managed to breathe well on his own almost immediately. The second cub, however, showed visible signs of distress. He simply did not have the ability to breathe oxygen into his tiny lungs on his own.

Conservationists estimate that as few as 400 Sumatran tigers may live in the wild at this time, so every live birth is a monumental triumph for this species. Likewise, the death of a cub is devastating on several levels.

Natural Instinct Kicks In

This was Kaitlyn’s first pregnancy, so it may have been understandable if she did not know how to respond. However, as is the case with many mothers regardless of their species, the mother knew exactly what needed to be done. She remained calm as she began to lick him.

This pressure and motion on the young cub’s body stimulated his lungs so that his ability to breathe improved. Initially, her licking only generated modest results. He continued to gasp for air. Just as any other mother would do, Kaitlyn persisted. She instinctively did not stop licking her baby until he was breathing well on his own.

Kaitlyn’s story of a mother’s instinct is touching, and you need to see the incredible footage yourself to experience this triumphant moment. Leave your opinions and stories for others to read in the space below.