Submarine Appears Right Beneath Scuba Divers In Hawaii

Scuba diving often comes with many surprises. Whether submerged into ultra-deep water, penetrating a wreck, or hovering in "normal" environments, something surprising may appear. Divers in Waikiki received a shocking surprise while venturing under the waves. The divers came face-to-face with a submarine.

Face-to-face isn't an entirely accurate assessment. "Underfoot" may be a better one. The submarine traveled right underneath the shocked divers. The Atlantis sub that traveled under the diver wasn't a spy craft nor something otherwise nefarious.

The electric submarine regularly travels the region as it is part of a local tour. The divers weren't in any danger since the submarine didn't come to close to them. However, the presence of the sub delivered a shock. Surprises aren't always desirable when diving.

A lag time existed when the submarine first entered the scene. That is, the divers did not know what the mysterious object was at first. The divers didn't panic.

Panicking commonly leads to tragic consequences while diving. Luckily, these divers were experienced enough not to become too rattled when the mystery object emerged.

Video of the meeting between the divers and the submarine exists. The sweeping video looks as if a Hollywood CGI lab produced the video. Of course, the video is real.

The video's brilliance couldn't come from an computer artist's mind. Only the natural wonder of machines and people interacting underwater makes such a compelling home movie.

Have you ever seen anything like this before? How would you have reacted if a mysterious object suddenly appeared beneath you? Let us know in the comments and be sure to pass this story along!