Stunning Redhead’s Fresh Pixie-Cut Look Belongs In Record Books

Nov 06, 2020 by apost team

A change in hairstyle might not seem that significant. Everybody gets a haircut once in a while. And that doesn't mean your entire look has to change, does it? But as you're about to see, a haircut can make you look like a totally different person. And when this model changed her look, there was no going back.

The woman in question is Singapore-based Instagram model Sheba Salvic who received the now-viral makeover back in 2013.

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In 2013, the Instagram model Sheba Slavic decided that it was time for a new look. This model was known for her beautiful red hair that nearly extended down to her waist. Most girls would be envious of her hair, but it now seems clear that Sheba mind losing all that beautiful red hair. And one fateful day, she decided to do the unthinkable.

Sheba Slavic wanted a haircut. But it wasn't just any haircut. She wasn't going to cut off a few inches or get a fashionable bob. She was going to completely transform her look and turn into someone that was practically unrecognizable.

The Video Begins Normally Enough

At the start of the video, we see Sheba admiring her beautiful red hair in the mirror. It's so stunning that we can't imagine why anyone would want to cut it off. Then again, maybe Sheba's trying to prove that you don't need long hair to be an attractive woman.

But before the haircut, Sheba's scheduled a photoshoot so she can remember what her hair used to look like. She sits in front of a backdrop and poses for a series of photos. When that's over, she changes into a new outfit, then sits down in a chair and gets ready for her haircut.

But This Is No Ordinary Haircut

At first, it looks like she's getting a typical haircut. The stylist brushes her hair, then ties a knot on the top of her head and clips it there. But instead of bringing out the scissors, the stylist does something totally unexpected. She picks up a razor and starts shaving the side of Sheba's head.

Sheba's eyes widen and her mouth drops open with excitement. This is the moment she's been waiting for. Long chunks of hair fall to the floor as the hairstylist shaves her head. She shaves off her hair until her head is practically bald. Through it all, Sheba still looks as beautiful as ever. It's proof that you don't need a particular hairstyle to be — you just need to be yourself!

And Sheba has no problem doing that. When most of her hair is gone, the stylist unclips the knot of hair at the top of her head. A wave of red hair cascades down and falls against the side of her face. Sheba grins while it seems like she admires herself in the mirror.

But she's not done yet. The stylist sprays her hair with water, then combs it back and trims the ends. She cuts the hair and styles it so that it sits attractively on the top of Sheba's head. At the end of the video, Sheba has a beautiful pixie cut. She plays with her hair and admires her new look. To top it all off, the stylist blow-dries her hair and brushes it so that it's soft and beautiful. This is truly a transformation that must be seen to be believed.

Finally, the stylist applies makeup and takes Sheba back for another photoshoot. She's just as stunning as ever — and now she has a new look that makes her look like the lead singer of a rock-and-roll band.

The Hair Doesn't Make The Woman

Our society tends to assume that women need long hair to be attractive. But in this video, Sheba proved that it doesn't matter what kind of hairstyle you have. Real beauty comes from within: and Sheba clearly has plenty of it.

But Sheba wasn't done there. In the years since this video was filmed, she's shaved her head entirely and made a name for herself as a bald Instagram model. She's practically unrecognizable from the girl in the video. "I am not my hair" she proclaims in her Instagram bio, and she's right. It seems that Sheba wants every girl to know that your hair doesn't make you beautiful. Rather, it's all about being yourself and figuring out your own spunky style.

The Incredibly Popular Video

The video of Sheba's transformation has received over a million views on YouTube. It's amassed hundreds of comments from people who are astonished by her beauty and courage. Since the video went viral, Sheba has also gathered thousands of followers on Instagram. This girl is a fashion icon, and it looks like everyone's waiting to see what she does next.

YouTube commenters are infamous for being rude and negative. Luckily, Sheba's new look is so impressive that even YouTube has nothing but nice things to say. She's young, pretty, and brimming with confidence. We like to think that she's inspired countless other girls to take the plunge and try a new look that nobody was expecting.

Your Thoughts

Were you as shocked when we were when the stylist started shaving her head? What did you think about her new look? Let us know in the comments. And while you're at it, show this video to anyone who needs the confidence to rock a completely different look.

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