Study Reveals Drinking More Sugary Drinks Creates Digestive Issues

A new study is shedding light on what beverages are truly the most damaging to your health.

The study published in Jama Internal Medicine examined over 450,000 people spread out over 10 European countries for up to nearly 20 years. The results showed that those people who consumed two or more glasses of any kind of soda each day were more at risk of dying from any type of health complication compared to their non-soda drinking counterparts.

Not even diet soda was exempt from the risks, proving that it was not necessarily the sugar that was the problem. People who drink more full-sugar sodas are more likely to suffer from digestive disorders. Meanwhile, those who drink diet sodas are putting their bodies at risk for developing cardiovascular disease. All soft drink consumption was also tied to a higher chance of developing Parkinson's disease.

There is also a link between the number of sugary beverages that you drink and the risk of developing health complications down the road. The more that you drink, the higher that the risk becomes.The researchers said, "the high level of consumption of total, sugar-sweetened, and artificially sweetened soft drinks was associated with elevated risks of death from all causes." Ivanova

A previous study showed that the effects of drinking sugary sodas seem to be more prevalent in women than in men. Women who consumed more than two servings a day of sugary beverages were subject to a 63% increased chance of premature death compared to those females who drank the beverages less than once a month. In men, this consumption only resulted in a 29% increase in risk.

The best way to cut out sodas from your diet is to gradually reduce your consumption over time until you are not drinking them any longer according to Going cold turkey will likely result in a relapse. While you are working on cutting back your consumption, you can try substituting the offending beverages with drinks such as sparkling waters and flavored seltzers. This will give you the satisfying fizz and flavor.

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