Studies Indicate Girl Trips Are Good For Your Mental Health

Taking a trip with your best friends can be a life-changing experience. Your bond with each other will grow and you'll have memories you'll cherish forever.

Recent studies suggest that taking a trip with your pals actually improves your health in numerous ways.


A good friend is someone who brings you happiness and has your back through thick and thin. This is already an indicator that having friends is a pretty significant part of life.

Science has found that being around your friends (social integration) can reduce the chances of getting heart disease, according to one 2015 study. Great friendships can also lower cortisol levels, the stress hormone, according to a study in the journal Social Neuroscience.

Additionally, the more friends you have, the easier it is for you to endure pain, says a study titled "Pain tolerance predicts human social network size"

Don't believe what you're reading?

Think about a time you went through a breakup, a loss, or received disappointing news. Did your friends make you feel better or worse about the situation? Real friends would've made you feel good about yourself and hopeful for the future.

Because of all the healthy benefits of friendships, it can be assumed that taking a trip with friends can help you live longer says Rachael Rettner in Live Science. All of those college trips will pay off!

Traveling engages our cognitive flexibility. You're in a new situation and have to think on your feet at times. When you to a foreign country and attempt to immerse yourself in another culture, this flexibility really kicks into gear, boosting your ability to be creative, says one study. Besides the relaxation components of travel, you will also be expanding your knowledge. Even planning a trip can improve your mood.

If you're struggling with depression, traveling with your gal pals can help you, a study reports. Being in a new environment and relaxation are two important ways to decrease the risk of depression.

So, if you combine friendship and traveling, you benefit in many more ways than one. And – you gain a handful of unforgettable experiences at the same time. Bonding in such a way strengthens your relationship with your friends and provides even more opportunities for similar experiences in the future. Like humans, these shared moments help us feel more positive and optimistic, according to a study that investigated the social sharing of emotions.

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