Students Show Up To School Flying American Flags After Staff Told One Pupil It Wasn't Allowed

Feb 27, 2020 by apost team

When a student at Franklin County High School in Virginia flew the American flag on his vehicle this year, he was asked by the school to take it down.

In a show of support, many of the teenager's friends flew the flag from their vehicles the very next day. 

The principal has now said the episode was a misunderstanding. 

What began as an ordinary day at a Virginia high school quickly turned into a troublesome situation for a teenage boy. The young man watched in shock as a school administrator circled his truck in the school parking lot. He was quickly called to the Franklin County High School office, as reported here by BTW21 News.

Doing what most teenagers do in a time of crisis, he reached out to his mother by phone. He told her about this most unusual turn of events. After speaking to her, he went to the office and was ordered to remove the American flag that was flying on his truck.

Once the word got out, classmates immediately planned a show of support. The next morning, more than a dozen student vehicles proudly drove into the high school parking lot displaying their red, white, and blue. 

Jon Crutchfield, Franklin’s principal, soon called the boy’s mother to tell her of this regretful miscommunication and relay that all students could now display American flags on their vehicles. The woman was not impressed. She replied that the administrators really owed her son an apology because the teen’s respectful display of the American flag was an innocent display of American pride.

Do you have patriotic pride? Perhaps there’s a special way you publicly demonstrate it? Pass this on to your family and friends and find out what they think.