Stubborn Husky Wants To Sit In The Front Seat Of A Car And Doesn't Mind Throwing A Tantrum For It

"Heh, I called shotgun!" Anyway, that's what it seems like Zeus, the ever insistent diva of husky-dom, seems to be proclaiming in this very vocal video. The popular star canine seems to operate under the assumption that "what Zeus wants, Zeus will get.

Huskies are known for their independent nature, and Zeus makes his opinion known with hilarious whines and howls that elicit more chuckles than sympathy. It's obvious that Zeus' long-suffering owner loves him, and he does all he can to take advantage of the fact. Sometimes he may win the battle and sometimes not, but either way, it's sure to be entertaining.

In this clip, it's time to get in the car for a ride. While Zeus' German shepherd friend seems to take his place in the back of the van in stride, Zeus has other ideas. He hems and haws and tries to head down one side and then the other of the van. All the while he fusses with his master, who continues to encourage him to give up and get in. At least this time, master wins.

Huskies are typically affectionate and good-natured. They usually get along well with children and other dogs. They are highly intelligent and active and love to be with their favorite people. They are the consummate pack animals, and sometimes they like to challenge their place in the pack, even over the little things.

Zeus is no exception, although his whining makes us think he really knows who's in charge. His aim in life seems to be to push whatever limits he perceives, from getting out of bed in the morning to going for a walk. Even if the activity is a fun one, he can't seem to give in without a whiny, howling tantrum. And no one pulls it off better than everyone's favorite husky diva.

Whether he's dragging his feet about taking a walk or refusing to leave the bathtub, Zeus' beautiful Siberian husky coloring and differently colored eyes are quickly admired by millions of watchers. And who doesn't feel a bit of empathy about having to leave that nice, comfy bed in the morning or going to exercise?

Huskies are not for everyone. They are full of spunk and energy and have no problem with challenging their training. Although loyal and affectionate, they also harbor a strong independent streak. And if Zeus is any indication, they seem to have a bit of a sense of humor as well, as should their owners if they want to truly enjoy this unique breed.

Huskies are not prone to barking but howling and other vocalizations are not uncommon, as Zeus so willingly demonstrates.

If you are enthralled with Zeus' antics don't hesitate to entertain your friends with the hilarious scenes from the life of Zeus the Stubborn Husky. You just may make their day! Tell us from your pets! We would love to hear the story!