Struggling Street Performer Is Comforted By His Loyal Dog After Audience Ignores Him

Jul 16, 2021 by apost team

Whenever you're feeling sad, who do you turn to? It could be a friend, a family member or maybe even a loyal pet. For one street performer in Colombia, he was struggling as he sang in the rain one day in April 2021. Pouring his heart out with his songs, the performer was ignored and left penniless as he continued to sing in the dismal weather. Thankfully, he had his trusty companion right by his side, a little white puppy.

The performer's name is Anderson, and he has been struggling to make his dreams come true, but has been lucky enough to have some support from his furry friends. Wara Ricco had been looking out the window of his home in Colombia when he spotted Anderson busking at a busy intersection. No one gave the singing man a cent, and he returned to his spot on the roadside. This is when Ricco noticed something beautiful and supportive take place, and has led him to help support Anderson in his own efforts, too.

Since being spotted on that rainy day, Anderson's story has gone viral, and people all across the world have begun following the struggling street performer on his social media platforms. The love he received from his dog has resonated with people, as no one could resist viewing the heartwarming moment of a man being comforted by his loyal pet. Upon just seeing Anderson approach her, the little dog began wagging her tail and peppering the man with love and affection. Overwhelmed with emotions himself, Ricco helped share Anderson's story and has since made him a heartwarming viral sensation.

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Comforting The Struggling Musician

Speaking with the Dodo in April 2021, Ricco talked about that eventful day that led him to help share Anderson's story with the world. "For me, it was a moment of love and loyalty," Ricco said about witnessing the sweet embrace of the man and his dog. "So much so that I went down to talk to him." The two men talked, and Ricco learned that Anderson had been an aspiring artist for quite some time, but was struggling financially. He did his best to care for his dogs named Mayte and Negrita. "They are all healthy, thank God," Ricco told the Dodo. 

Moved by his story, Ricco wanted to help Anderson and shared his story on social media, and the video of the heartwarming moment from April 2021 has gone on to be seen by many people around the world. Even though no one in the street stopped to give Anderson any money on that eventful day, he was comforted by his sweet dog and even made a new friend from the hardship. Ricco even booked time in a recording studio for the street busker to use so he could finally record his music for an audience, as per the Dodo.

Anderson has since garnered a great following on social media and currently has 13,000 followers on his Instagram page, and called the help he received from the kind stranger a "blessing." It all started with a simple hug. "I have faith that everything will change for the better," Ricco said. "No matter what life hits you with, keep going and give it love."

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