Struggling Marine Veteran Receives A Check For $5,000 And More, From A Stranger

David Krosky is someone who doesn't strike you as an extraordinary person at first glance. The Las Vegas business owner seems like an average joe until you realize just how wonderful a human being he truly is.

As it turns out David is actually a very generous man with a passion of giving to those in need. During the onset of 2018, he intended to do just that for a poor soul who was in need of help. He set out to make a total stranger's year.

The poor soul in question is a U.S. Marine Corps veteran named Ishmael. According to the video on Storyful, the man had been going through a rough patch. By the time David helped him, he had his car repossessed and was living with a friend.

With the holiday season in full swing, David decided to make Ishmael's a little brighter. When he heard of Ishmael's story, he instantly felt for him. After all, David himself came from a place of struggling and hardship.

As it turned out David wasn't always as successful as he was. Seven years ago David had to get by with the help of food stamps. He then became a successful owner of a furniture business and had since made it a mission to pay it forward to whoever he can.

David decided to bring Ishmael to his warehouse supposedly to repair a heater that had been broken. What he got instead was a check for $5,000. His initial reaction was delightful, but when his friend and his daughter pulled up in a new car, you can feel the joy Ishmael felt.

Krosky wanted to show kindness as his New Year's resolution. He did so, and this beautiful act was recorded on video. This should inspire others to do the same during the holidays. David agrees that even though grand gestures are great content for videos, but at the end of the day it's all about "being kind and helping others."

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