Girl Performs Song From 'Ghost' — Boy’s Double Take As Highlight

Oct 18, 2020 by apost team

If we're being honest, the quality of street performers can vary wildly. Passing a group of buskers, the talent seems to range from "man sleepily banging an old bucket" to "world-class performer who never got a chance." The two young performers in this video from October 2020 undeniably fall on the latter end of that spectrum. Performing primarily crooning classics from the '50s and '60s, it is hard to believe that these velvet voices haven't become famous yet. One listen and you will agree that it is only a matter of time.

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As you can see on their original YouTube channel, the two rising stars in this video are called Cuan Durkin and Allie Sherlock. They met in their hometown of Dublin, Ireland at a famous local shopping destination known as Grafton Street. This isn't our first exposure to Allie Sherlock. Rather, she made a splash last year when her cover of "Supermarket Flowers" by Ed Sheeran went viral. How viral? Well, not only did the video rack up over twenty million views, but she was flown first-class to Los Angeles for a taping of Ellen. At this point, she is nearly a household name.

At the time of that impactful video, Allie was a wee lass at only twelve years old. As she has gotten older, her voice has only become more enchanting. However, even the best artists need a little backup at times. She found this in fellow Dublin-based busker Cuan Durkin. Although he has yet to find the fame of Allie, Cuan is certain to become a star of his own in short order. This amazing singer’s voice has been described by many as "velvety" or "a bowl of chocolate ice cream." While we're not sure what icecream sounds like, it sounds like high praise indeed.

In this video, we see Allie and Cuan's take on a classic, "Unchained Melody." This song originally came out in 1955 but arguably its most famous version is that performed by the Righteous Brothers in 1965. It has been covered by countless artists since. Whether you listen to Otis Redding's smooth and jazzy take or Aretha Franklin's powerful ballad style, the song is a moving piece. For many, this song will always be known as the pivotal moment in "Ghost." However, you don't need to be on a potter's wheel to have your head spun by this beautiful tune.

Grafton Street is one of the most famous fairs in Dublin and has become somewhat of a right of passage for many performers in the area. The "stop rate", i.e. how many people stop what they're doing to watch you perform, is often the mark of success. As is apparent in the video, Allie and Cuan's stop rate is off the charts with countless shoppers seeming to forget all of the plans of their day to give credence to the soulful tunes produced by the duo.

Many commenters in the video have highlighted one specific moment in the video that is at once charming and funny. Part-way through the song, Allie tackles a particularly daring note and pulls it off with a flare that makes it look easy. The double-take by Cuan shows that this vocal skill is impressive even to a seasoned artist. The genuine admiration in his face is palpable.

The streets of your local city are often the most compelling place to see live performances by up-and-coming artists. Passerby are clearly lucky to be able to see the likes of Cuan and Allie, and having them do a song as beautiful as Unchained Melody is a treat indeed. It proves that time really can do so much.

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