Street Dog Tightly Hugs Reporter And Asks Him To Bring It Home Right As It Sees Him

Aug 04, 2020 by apost team

Every pet owner has their own unique story about how their pet became part of the family. Some have an instant connection with the pet that they choose while others take some time to connect. It all depends on the person and the animal, as well as the past history of both.

A video uploaded to Youtube last year shows a sweet interaction between a shelter dog and a journalist doing a story on the shelter. The dog is seen jumping and hugging the man, seemingly hoping he could go home with him.

A journalist headed to the animal shelter one day to cover a story. While he was there, one of the dogs fell head over heels, or paws, with him.

You can see the journalist standing there while the dog wraps himself all around his leg. The journalist could tell that this particular dog was looking for companionship. It had obviously chosen him to be that person!

Of course, the journalist knew that there was no way he could leave this poor dog behind. He decided to adopt the dog that very day. These two were absolutely made for one another.

After the video was posted online, many viewers commented on the different ways they ended up adopting their dogs, cats, and other animals. The stories were amazing to hear. AbsentK, one Reddit user, told the story of how he and his partner went to a foster home to check out the animals.

While he was a little hesitant to adopt, one dog took a huge liking to his partner and quickly became the “one.” SoapWithAPrizeInside, another Reddit user, shared their story of how they were chosen by a sweet cat.

Reading these beautiful adoption stories is enough to make you want to run out and get your own little animal. There are so many animals that are up for adoption that need loving homes. We hope that the search for your own animal ends up yielding an amazing story!

Do you have your own adoption story you would like to tell us about? Let us know in the comments and then pass this along to others to brighten their day!