Stray Dog Sleeps In Snow For Days Until Tourist Rescues Her

Mar 19, 2020 by apost team

An abandoned dog named “Indy” is alive and healthy after being found in front of a mountain resort hotel in Northern Romania. Indy was found by a concerned tourist after the Howl of a Dog rescue reported that the owner of the hotel chased the dog away, fearing the dog’s presence would frighten the tourists. The hotel owner reportedly told employees of the hotel to refrain from feeding the stray.

The good Samaritan who helped Indy brought her food and water for several days. They even brought a warm blanket and crate for the dog to sleep in on the chillier nights since the dog was previously forced to sleep on the cold ground in -4°F weather.

These conditions compelled the tourist to remain at Indy’s side until he knew the dog was safe. The unnamed man wanted to adopt Indy but couldn’t because he already had several adopted pets at home and simpy no more space or capability. So he wrote to several dog rescues until one was willing to help Indy. Luckily, Howl of a Dog agreed to help, but the tourist went beyond the shelter’s expectations by driving 310 miles from the mountain resort to the shelter to save Indy.

Indy is now looking for a forever home. The shelter suspects that Indy’s previous household kept her confined to a chain and limited her interactions with humans in general, since she does not know what toys are for. Indy's poor dental health also makes people wonder if she was not treated properly. Despite these conditions, Indy is mostly in good health, has been spayed, and is friendly to those around her.

If you have a loving home that has the resources to provide Indy with a healthy and stable life, please be aware that Howl of a Dog can complete international adoptions to the USA, European countries, and Canada. If you are unable to adopt Indy, please take the time to share the story of Indy to your friends. You can find more details about Indy here.

Have you ever helped a stray dog or other animal? Would you be willing to go to such lengths to better one animal's life? Tell us about your experiences and pass this story along!