Stray Dog Sits By Street For 40 Seconds Waiting For Green Light At Crossing

Nov 19, 2020 by apost team

Dogs are often called "man's best friend," but providing companionship isn't the only thing they are good at. These adorable creatures can also be surprisingly intelligent. In one adorable video making waves on the internet, a cute little dog showed off just how well it understands traffic safety, on November 13. With its perky ears and fluffy brown coat, this dog is incredibly cute. Filmed at night on a busy street corner in Lanzhou, the capital and largest city of Gansu Province in Northwest China, cars zip over a crosswalk as the dog sits on the sidewalk.

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As cars go by, you can see the dog looking back and forth, waiting for a safe time to cross the road. However, even when there is a break in traffic, he stays still. The video jumps ahead in time to show that a half-minute later, he is still sitting by the side of the road. What is he waiting for? It turns out this little dog is both cute and smart! As soon as the crosswalk sign turns from red to green, he takes off. Following the other nearby pedestrians, he walks bravely into the crosswalk. You can see him trot happily across the street, getting to the other side safe and sound.

Where did he go from there? The video cuts off, so no one knows. The other side of the road in the video contains several trees and a brightly lit restaurant. It is possible he was heading back to his home for the evening or planning on searching for some dinner.

The Story Behind the Video

So where did this adorable video come from? It has its origins in Lanzhou, a bustling Chinese city. According to Daily Star, the video was filmed and posted by a Mr. Ge. When contacted to discuss the video, Mr. Ge told the news outlet that the dog was actually a stray dog, not a personal pet of any of the bystanders. 

Mr. Ge revealed that he noticed the pup when he was standing on the corner of the road to wait for a taxi. As he was waiting for his taxi to show up, he noticed the dog sitting on the side of the road. The dog was so cute that he forgot about his taxi and started paying attention to the pup instead.

As he told Daily Star, Mr. Ge's first thought was, "maybe the dog is waiting to cross the road," so he decided to pull out his smartphone and film it. His instincts ended up being entirely right. As he filmed the dog, Mr. Ge says he was impressed by just how patient it was.

He stated, "The stray dog just sat there for 40 seconds before it followed the green light and crossed the road." This smart little dog somehow knew exactly how to follow road safety rules!

Internet Users Praise the Pup for Being So Well Behaved

Overall, the internet's reaction to the video has been extremely positive. Many users are praising the dog for following traffic rules better than many humans they know. As one poster wrote, "It's well-behaved and so much more civilized than humans. That's a nice dog." 

Another person agreed with the praise, saying "This dog is so smart! Can't believed (sic) this." The intelligence to know when it was safe to cross the road has wowed many people.

What Do You Think of The Smart Doggo?

Though most commenters were super impressed by how polite and smart the dog was, some were sad to realize it was a stray. As one user said, "Amazing! We should treat dogs better, they deserve better." Others were slightly skeptical of the claims. A poster pointed out, "Isn't that there's no colour in a dog's eye? Why can this dog see the traffic lights?" However, the idea of dogs only being able to see in black-and-white is a myth, so this poster might be incorrect!

Whether you believe the dog was obeying the traffic light or had simply learned that the road was only safe to cross when other pedestrians crossed, he is still incredibly smart. The ability to observe his surroundings and learn how to navigate an environment filled with massive trucks is truly impressive. See what happens for yourself by watching the cute video now.

So what do you believe? Is the little stray dog obeying the traffic signal or just copying the other pedestrians? Make sure your friends see this and see what they think about it!

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