Stray Dog Warms Orphaned Kittens By Snuggling With Them In The Snow Through The Night

You know that dogs are man's best friend. Turns out that sometimes, they're kittens' best friends too.

Photo courtesy of Pet and Wildlife Rescue

A woman driving down the road one cold Ontario night spotted a sight that stopped her in her tracks. What the woman saw next to the side of the road was a sight to behold.

Stopping to help what she thought was a dog left in the freezing cold, she quickly realized she had stumbled on an even more heartwarming sight.

Dogs are relatively good at keeping themselves safe and warm in the wild, and this dog would have had no problem finding a warmer spot for himself.

Instead, he had chosen to stop to do what dogs do best – give a cuddle to those in need.

Photo courtesy of Pet and Wildlife Rescue

PIX11 reports that, getting closer, the woman soon realized the dog was not alone but was instead huddled over a group of 5 kittens in need.

The dog had stopped where it was in order to give its body heat to the kittens in the freezing cold night.

Doing the right thing, the woman scooped up all of the animals and took them to the Pet and Wildlife Shelter in Ontario. What they would find when the animals were in the shelter was almost unprecedented.

The kittens and the dog would be friends for life.

Photo courtesy of Pet and Wildlife Rescue

It seems only right. The shelter's rescue staff confirmed that without the dog's warmth, the kittens would have likely lost their lives in the freezing cold night.

The kittens are now being treated in the shelter and getting the care they deserve, while the stray dog is back to living life as per usual, with one caveat. The stray now regularly makes heartwarming visits to the shelter to check on its kitten friends.

Situations like these are heartwarming to shelter staff who rarely get to see happy endings such as these. The shelter's staff hopes the owner of the kittens will step up and claim them.

Photo courtesy of Pet and Wildlife Rescue

If not, we can only hope the kittens find new safe, warm homes for the winter – and that their dog friend won't be far behind.

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