Stray Cat Wanders Into Police Station To Have Kittens And Decides To Stay

A heartbreaking moment often leads to a happy one, and this situation was a perfect example of that. Police officers at a station in Busan, South Korea, a city located 250 miles southeast of Seoul, came across a stray cat that had been involved in a car accident.

Sadly, all of her newborn kittens died in the collision. The officers buried the little ones before the mom left. However, something obviously resonated with her about the station and its officers as she returned a few months later, now pregnant again, to settle down there.

When it came time for her to give birth, the officers were right there, helping in any way that they could reports the Animal Channel. They also ensured that her little ones had a safe space to be nurtured and grow.

Of course, the officers immediately fell in love with the kittens and decided that they would make sure that they were continued to be taken care of there until they could be on their own.

However, the kittens ended up loving it there as much as their mom did and never left. They're still there today, happy and healthy.

Molang, the mom cat, and her feline children often accompany the officers while they're on duty and do their best to help them keep the area clean and peaceful. The officers continue to return the favor. One of the things that they often do is bring in boxes, which the cats immediately turn into beds and spend hours lounging on or in.

What is the strangest place you've seen a mom and her kittens grow up?