Stray Cat Makes Way Into St. Petersburg Zoo And Becomes Friends With A Lynx

Cats have a reputation for being unfriendly. Often we see viral videos of cats fighting with one another, or disrespecting other animals that live in their home. But any cat owner will tell you that simply isn’t the truth of owning cats, and this amazing story will prove that cats can be quite the social butterflies. One stray cat found herself in an unusual situation while wandering around alone. The tiny cat had made her way into a popular zoo and made an unlikely friend.

The calico cat wasn’t sure where she was going, but she ended up finding her way into an exhibit. Thankfully, she didn’t find herself in harm’s way, as the enclosure she happened to choose was one housing a large lynx! Because lynx are wild animals, you may be a little afraid that this cute story ends poorly. In actuality, the lynx took a fondness to the little calico cat.

The two licked each other and became best friends almost immediately. But to ensure the safety of both animals, the zookeepers at the St. Petersburg zoo made sure to remove the calico from the habitat. However, you’ll never believe what happened next. The very next afternoon, zookeepers saw the same little calico cat in the enclosure with the lynx again!

Realizing that the two had become bonded and there wasn’t much they could do to keep them apart, zookeepers took a hands-off approach and watched as the two interacted with one another. Witnessing the sweet moment, they decided to allow the calico to stay with her new best friend. Once word got out about this unusual pairing, thousands of zoo guests came flocking to witness the cats in action.

Now, the two have such a reputation that they are known as the stars of the St. Petersburg zoo! Linda, the lynx, and her new companion, which ended up getting named Dusja, became an inseparable duo. Have you ever seen a more unique pairing of animals?

The zoo began releasing pictures and videos of the adorable pair, and they soon went viral on social media for their unusual friendship. The two are so bonded that they even groom each other and often are seen cuddling up to one another.

What do you think about this story? Do you think the cat would have had the same luck walking into a different exhibit?