Stray Cat Dangles From Utility Pole And Gets Rescued – Quick-Thinking Onlookers Hold Plastic Sheet To Catch It

Oct 17, 2020 by apost team

Lucky is an understatement when it comes to a little feline who was merely a whisker away from losing one of its nine lives. One Saturday in Sichuan, a province in south-west China, people spotted the little kitty hanging from a telephone wire. With the furry feline in obvious distress, a few compassionate pedestrians sprung into action and are now the 'cat's meow'!

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The ginger-colored cat, assumed to be a stray, apparently became trapped after climbing up a utility pole, reports USA Today Sun. With nowhere to go and little grip to maintain its balance, onlookers watched as the cat struggled to find a way out. With its legs dangling frantically and pedestrians' emotions at an all-time high, some brave people retrieved a plastic sheet and formed a net.

Not long after the people held open a sheet of plastic over the ground and underneath the feline did its grip finally fail, and the cat came tumbling towards the ground. Thankfully the sheet had been placed underneath it just in time to help break the cat's fall. Although cats are very limber and can easily adapt when falling, the height of this fall would in all likelihood have been too much for the little animal.

Dust Yourself Off and Try Again

However, as in true feline fashion, the little kitty shook off the incident and scurried away after its landing just as if nothing had ever happened. While cats might be known for having many lives, you don't always see many people like the ones who came to the cat's rescue.

Whether cats really do have nine lives or not, no one knows for sure. However, one thing's for sure is that multiple lives were definitely affected on this day. Not only was the life of an innocent animal saved, but people's lives were altered as well. While the people who helped save the kitty have done something very brave, the witness were able to see true humanity first hand.

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