Strangers Wrote Their Biggest Regrets On A Chalkboard - Every Phrase Contained The Same Three-Letter Word

When people are asked if they regret any decision that they’ve made in their lives, you’ll frequently hear the same answer “I don’t have any regrets.”. It usually sounds rehearsed because the truth is that we all have our regrets. We often are afraid to leave our comfort zone, either because we simply don’t believe in ourselves or because we like to play it safe and thus, might have missed out on great opportunities. As an experiment, pedestrians were invited to write their biggest regrets on a chalkboard that was placed on a street in the middle of New York for a whole day. Nobody wrote anything like 'Buying a new car' or 'Living in a specific vicinity'. Instead, the chalkboard was covered with phrases like ‘Not following my dreams’ or ‘Not saying I love you’. The word that stood out was ‘not’. What we should learn from this viral video posted by Strayer University is that we should seize opportunities because we’ll most likely regret the things we didn’t do than those we did.

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