Strangers Witness Man Sink To His Knees In Texas Airport As He Sees His Wife And Kids For First Time In Four Years

Apr 16, 2020 by apost team

Could you imagine being torn from your family? Could you imagine being separated from your family after experiencing some of the most terrible things that happen every day in overseas countries and villages?

That’s what happened to Dyan. He and his family fled the village they called home for all of their lives to come to the United States to look for a better life for him and his wife, Alik. Their village in Sudan was ware torn. Dyan and Alik first set out to make it to a refugee camp in Africa.

According to The North Hill Organization, tragedy struck when the couple was separated amidst all the chaos at the refugee camps. Dyan was completely separated from Alik and the couple’s children. What makes matters worse is that all of the chaos all evidence of their marriage that would keep Dyan with his family was destroyed.

Alik was pregnant at the time with their third child. She was processed at the refugee camp as a single mother of two. With no record of his family, Dyan was listed as a single man when he was processed. Single men general go to the bottom of the list of people chosen to be taken to the United States to resettle.

Meanwhile, Alik and her children went to Fort Worth, Texas and the family had no idea if they would ever see Dyan again. It was in Fort Worth that the family met Molly and Mary Claire. The two moms were volunteering at a refugee agency called Catholic Charities. The two American moms felt an immediate connection to Alik and her family and were even there when she gave birth.

Dyan was still in the refugee camp, wondering if he would ever see his family again. His youngest child was now 3-years-old and Dyan had never met him. Molly and Marie Claire fought hard to reunite the family, even speaking with politicians and immigration attorneys.

Finally, four years after Dyan was separated from his family, he was reunited with them in 2012 in an incredible reunion at the Dallas/Fort Worth Airport. Dyan immediately fell to his knees when he saw his family, overwhelmed with joy.

How powerful is the video of the reunion between Dyan and his family? What would you do if you couldn’t see your family for four years? Pass this incredible story and video along to anyone who wants to experience some joy today.