Stranger Gifts A Free RV To Mother Who Lost Everything In Wildfire

Patrick Whitmore is a small business owner who was compelled to do something when he was made conscious of the California wildfire devastation. Whitmore hails from Beavercreek, Oregon, and is the owner of the Beavercreek salon.

The salon owner searched his mind for ways to help victims of the Camp Fires in Northern California. He decided the motorhome he owned could be much better used by a wildfire victim in need of shelter.

Whitmore explains he woke up one morning thinking he could share his motorhome with someone in Paradise, California. The motorhome was sitting in his barn and there was no plan to put it to use. Whitmore heard the story of Veronica Jawar on Thanksgiving Day. Ms. Jawar lost everything she owned in the wildfires.

Jawar was giving temporary shelter in a two-bedroom apartment shared with several other families. She was in need of a place her and her 15-year-old daughter could call home. 

Whitmore and his partner Barbara Brooke drove eight hours to Chico, California on November 28. There they met with Jawar. The mother wept as soon as she laid eyes on Whitmore. 

The two shared a quick embrace and Jawar continued to cry as Whitmore showed her the RV packed full with supplies for families displaced by the wildfires. 

Jawar could only say that Whitmore was an angel when asked about the gesture on his part.

She explained that Whitmore kept in touch with her every day since learning of her plight to assure her she would be okay.

Jawar has already made plans to pay Whitmore's generosity forward once she and her daughter are on their feet again. She says it is her goal to show the type of heart to others that Whitmore showed to her. Jawar says she longs for the day she can make him proud.

Jawar shared her wildfire experience on a Facebook page dedicated to families in Paradise affected by the wildfire. She also took the time to express the new hope she and her daughter have because of Whitmore.

Jawar explains she had no idea what to do in the days following the tragedy. She said like thousands of others in her community her life was completely ruined. She ended by saying she would be forever grateful to Whitmore and changed as a person.

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