Stranger Drives Halfway Across The USA To Return Lost Dog To Owner

Dogs and people develop a strong bond. Most dogs become a part of the family. Many dog owners treat their dogs like children.

A dog was found wandering in Maryland. A person collected it and took it to the Caroline County Humane Society.

The veterinarians at the Caroline County Humane Society checked the dog for a microchip.

It had one, and they discovered that the dog was registered to an owner in Wichita, Kansas. They were able to contact the owner.

The owner told the people at the Caroline County Humane Society how the dog got there. The dog had gone on a road trip with the owner's boyfriend. They broke up during the trip, and the bitter man dumped the dog off on the side of the road.

The dog's owner did not know how she could get to the Caroline County Humane Society in order to bring her dog home. She could not make the 1,000 mile drive. One person heard the story and offered to drive the dog back to Kansas.

The man used to volunteer at the shelter, and his girlfriend still did. He got the dog, packed up his car and hit the road.

The owner was thrilled to get her dog back. She was thankful to Zach for driving all the way. She was also thankful to the Caroline County Humane Society for taking such good care of her dog.

The Online Reaction

The online community of dog owners was thrilled at this touching reunion. The Caroline County Humane Society is raising money to help repay Zach for his gasoline, tolls and wear and tear on his car.

What do you think about the ex-boyfriend's actions? What do you think about Zach, the man who drove the dog home? Let us know your thoughts about this touching rescue story in the comments below!