Stranger Drives Dog Across Country After Little Boy Is Diagnosed With Cancer While On Holiday

Sometimes all it takes is the love of a dog to bring a smile back to your face.

8-year-old Perryn Miller was on vacation with his family to celebrate Christmas in Utah when he started to experience severe headaches. The Wilmington, North Carolina boy was sadly diagnosed with stage four glioblastoma multiforme. The cancer diagnosis required an emergency surgery just two days before Christmas. 

Because of the long road of treatment ahead, Miller and his family will need to remain in Utah for a while. Although they are certainly willing to make this sacrifice, the family was heartbroken that their 8-month-old German shepherd, Frank, was left back at home in North Carolina.

The sad story began circulating all over social media, eventually grabbing the attention of former truck driver Bob Reynolds. Despite not knowing the family at all, Reynolds made the selfless decision to make the 2,300-mile trek from Wilmington to Utah in an effort to reunite Frank with Perryn.

Perryn and his entire family were so touched by the generosity of a man that they had never met before. Perryn’s father, Jacob Miller, said that although the events surrounding Perryn's illness have been tough, he is increasingly encouraged by all of the help that they have received. Reynolds does not plan on stopping here. He has already volunteered to drive Frank back home to North Carolina once Perryn and his family are able to return.

Be sure to check out the sweet video of Frank reuniting with Perryn. The touching story should be spread to everyone that you know so that we can all learn from the kindness of this former truck driver.