Stranger Checks Security Footage To Discover 3 Kids Standing On His Doorstep With $700 Cash

Jamie Carlton, a Colorado homeowner, checked his surveillance footage as soon as he arrived home. He looked in amazement at the scene that unfolded on his doorstep in the earlier hours that day.

While watching the surveillance video, Jamie could see three children ride up on their bikes to his home and approach his doorstep. Because no one was home, an automatic voice on his security system began speaking to them. It said, “Hi, we’re unable to answer the door at this time, but there’s a camera recording. So, please leave us a message. Thank you for stopping by.”

It appeared as though the children were placing something on his stoop, and then they began addressing the camera. They said that they had found the man’s wallet outside of his vehicle and wanted to return it to him. They further stated that they wanted to put it on his stoop so that no one would steal his money.

Stuffed inside, there was $700 in the wallet. The money belonged to Carlton’s son, Nigel, who had dropped his wallet out of his pocket when returning home from work.

The surveillance camera captured the three children jumping back on to their bikes and then disappearing again down the street.

Jamie was incredibly moved by the kindness of the children. However, he had no idea who they were, where they lived, or how to find them. So, in an effort to locate and thank them, he posted the security footage on his Facebook page in hopes of someone helping to identify the three children.

It wasn’t long before the video clip went viral. What do you think of this inspiring story? Let us know in the comments and pass this along to your friends and family to bring a smile to their faces!