Broken-Up Couple Wear T-Shirts Showing Co-Parenting Working At Daughter's Soccer Game

Nov 08, 2019 by apost team

When two people get married and have children together, they never plan to someday split up and raise those kids separately. However, sometimes life gets in the way of our best laid plans. When two parents decide to end their marriage, their kids' world is often turned upside down and their childhood suffers.

However, one family has decided to change everything the world might think about co-parenting. When Ricky Player and Clara Dickinson got married, they never planned to someday divorce and raise their daughter, Maelyn, as co-parents. However, they simply weren't compatible as a married couple and had no choice but to split up when Maelyn was very young according to Huff Post

Both Ricky and Clara found new partners. Ricky married Emilee and Clara found love with Alex Cazeau. Both of Maelyn's parents are incredibly happy with their new loves. Perhaps because of this happiness that they both found the second time around, they are able to co-parent Maelyn in the most beautiful way possible.

The four loving adults have no problem coming together to celebrate milestones in Maelyn's life. From birthday parties to holidays, Ricky, Clara and their respective partners are able to laugh, love and enjoy their time together. Step-mom Emilee attributes their amazing success at co-parenting to the four adults' unending love for Maelyn and respect for one another.

When Maelyn decided to try her hand at soccer, the four super-parents were ready to support her in the best way possible. They made matching jerseys, all boasting Maelyn's player number, along with their role in her life. Clara and Ricky wore jerseys saying "Mommy" and "Daddy," while Emilee and Alex proudly donned "Step-Mom" and "Step-Dad" shirts.

The photos of the five-piece family went viral and the internet was insanely touched by the four adults' love and commitment to their little girl. "That's how you do it, folks!" one user wrote. "Put aside your differences and come together for the sake of the kids."

According to Huff Post, step-dad Alex is in the United States Armed Services and is often absent from the family for long stretches of time. During times like these, Ricky and Emilee do everything in their power to help Clara cope with being on her own.

We're overwhelmed by the respect and admiration that we feel for this amazing family unit. Show this story to any parent currently going through a divorce. There is always hope that something good can come out of something sad.