Stepmom Earnestly Calls Stepdaughter Into Room To Take Action But Dad Interferes In Tears

Aug 08, 2018 by apost team

Jonathan and Kacie seemed like a match made in heaven. They both had a lot of turmoil in their past relationships that they needed to work through. One aspect of Jonathan's life that was particularly complicated was his relationship with his daughter Brilee.

His courtship and eventual marriage to Kacie ended up creating a surprisingly strong bond between Kacie and Brilee. This is so refreshing compared to many of the troubled relationships that kids often have with their stepmoms.

When she was younger, Brilee wanted so badly to have her biological mom spend quality time with her. But no matter how much she wished for a close relationship with her biological mom, Brilee felt like the door was closed. Her mom just didn't want to put forth the effort to interact with her in a meaningful way. Brilee was heartbroken.

That's when Kacie came into the picture.

During the first four years of her relationship with Jonathan, Kacie and Brilee drew closer and closer together. Eventually, Brilee got up the courage to ask Kacie if she would formally adopt her. Though Kacie knew there were many steps that would need to be taken she was more than willing to take on the challenge.

Brilee's biological mom, however, wouldn't give up her parental rights. Brilee feared that her biological mom's refusal would dash her adoption hopes to pieces. But Kacie refused to give up on helping her stepdaughter's wishes be fulfilled. She even went to court over the matter.

Finally, Kacie was awarded parental rights when Brilee's biological mom didn't show up in court the final day of the legal proceedings. Kacie and Jonathan were ecstatic to hear the news. When she returned from the courthouse that afternoon, Kacie asked Brilee to meet with her in the living room.

She said, "Brilee Davis, you have been like a daughter to me, from the day that I met you. Now I want you to be not like a daughter. Will you be my real daughter?"

Brilee melted into a puddle of happy, relieved tears. She was so thrilled to have the woman who had been filling the role of a mother in her life for years finally get to become her legally-recognized mother! You can watch this beautiful moment below:

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