Starving, Abandoned Dog Shows His Rescuer How Grateful He Is After Being Saved

Sep 21, 2018 by apost team

Seeing a dog that has been abandoned is enough to pull on the heartstrings of any decent person. It takes a special person, however, to be involved in providing the care, love, and attention that a precious animal who has suffered neglect or abuse truly needs. Often the gratitude these furry friends show to their new owners is a beautiful sight to behold.

The video shown below is an example of the tragic reality of dog abandonment. It shows a small dog who was left starving in extreme heat for days who has just been rescued. In spite of all the dog has been through he still has plenty of love and affection to pour out on his rescuer. These few minutes captured on camera are truly heartwarming.

The rescuer can be seen on the video stroking the traumatized animal's thin body gently with one of her hands.

The dog seems just as starved for love as for food. He returns her gesture of kindness with enthusiastic cuddling. He starts patting her hand with his pows and nuzzling his face into her as the tears begin streaming down her face.

She's overwhelmed with the dog's tenacious capacity to give and receive love after suffering betrayal at the hands of another human.

As she reassures the dog that it's okay, the rescuer removes her hand from the dog. He's so eager to keep getting petted that he reaches out for her hand again. She starts to pet him again and he places his paw on her arm. He doesn't want to let this compassionate hero who saved him from his suffering get away from him! He's so grateful someone is willing to give him a second chance.

When the woman posted her video on social media it quickly went viral. She let viewers know some of the details behind the dog's rescue, explaining that she noticed dogs that had been left out without shelter, food, or water in extremely hot weather. They were stuck on chains and couldn't free themselves.

She realized it was time to take action. She got them off the chains. One of the dogs, the one pictured in the video, just showered her with adoration. She expressed her heartbreak and started crying. Sensing her distress, the neglected dog actually sought to comfort her!

The video got lots of positive attention from viewers who expressed their admiration for the rescuer and their sympathy for the neglected yet loving dog. May this precious pooch and his neglected companion receive all of the care and attention they truly deserve.

What is your reaction to seeing this touching footage? Do you consider this rescuer to be a genuine hero? Pass this story along to your friends and family to remind them of what a huge difference a little love can make in this world!