Stag Gets Trapped In Frozen River And Almost Drowns When Suddenly Help Arrives...

Winter can be a dangerous time for humans and animals alike. There is the cold that first must be endured in addition to blocked roads and slippery ice in many areas.

These factors make it necessary to exercise extra vigilance in the winter months.

A red deer in Siberia found itself in quite a fix recently after falling into a frozen river. Thankfully for the deer, a group of nearby hunters spotted the deer struggling in the frozen water.

It may seem odd to some that hunters would rescue an animal, seek to rehabilitate the animal, and then release it freely back into the wild. However, hunters are not interested in hunting animals to be cruel. Hunters are human beings with caring hearts.

The red deer was found floating in icy waters in eastern Siberia near the town of Ulan-Ude. The four hunters worked for four hours to cut a path that would free the dear from the frozen ice and water. All the wild braving the extremely cold temperatures themselves

Aleksej Baluev is the man who filmed the encounter. He can be heard on the video telling the other hunters they must find a warm place to take the deer. The hunters could be seen rubbing the deer in efforts to improve circulation while working to free the animal from the ice.

The hunters were able to eventually completely free the deer from the water. They then transported the deer to a nearby garage where they made a fire. There they made the deer dry and warm. The hunters fed the dear a large portion of lard. They then gave vodka to the dear to 'warm' it from the inside they explained.

Once the deer was strong enough to take to its feet. The deer was then carried to the edge of a nearby forest. Moments later, the deer was off and running back into the wilderness. It was a fortunate thing the hunters were there for the animal in its time of distress.

Your Thoughts

Do you think it ironic that a group of hunters would save the life of the very animal they enjoy hunting? Did the story give you a new perspective on men and women that enjoy hunting? Pass this article and video to friends. You will have interesting conversations regarding the hunters and their ethics.