Spoilt Police Horse Has Officers Bring Him Cups Of Tea

Dec 02, 2019 by apost team

A police officer always starting their day with a cup of tea doesn't sound abnormal. You can easily picture them sitting at home, drinking a cuppa before making their way to work. However, can you picture a police horse doing the same? Well, you should. Or at least you will now that you know the story of Jake, a horse that's been a part of the Merseyside Police department for a decade and a half.

He was not offered a cup of tea one day. That's not how this started. He snuck his big head over to his rider's cup and drank some of that. However, he quickly realized just why people drink it in such high numbers and soon demanded his own before he would work, as it mentions here on the Merseyside Police Horse website.

Not only that, but he must be allowed to drink it from the comfort of his stable. It's his way of relaxing at home with a cup of tea before heading to work.


Entertainingly, he now has company and doesn't need to drink his tea alone. People who work with the Merseyside Police Department's mounted section include their equine friend in their round of tea. Jake takes his with a couple teaspoons of sugar, skimmed milk and some cold water to ensure that it's not too hot for him.

He's so enthusiastic about his tea that he often cannot wait for it to cool down. However, he is also picky enough that he'll definitely notice if he receives one teaspoon of sugar instead of the desired two.

But he's generally not satisfied with just that morning tea as, if he sees somebody else with a cup of tea, he will often mosey over in an attempt to help drink their tea too.

The 20-year-old chestnut-brown horse was already known as a "horse with a lot of character" according to Lindsey Gaven, a manager and trainer within that section. However, he is now nearing his retirement, which is expected to occur in about a year.

But that's in the future. Now, when his tea has been drunk and it's time for him to get to work, Jake turns his focus to his job. This is done throughout the English county of Merseyside, and includes working at football matches and horse races.

Do you require a morning tea or coffee before you start your day? Can you relate to Jake's needs? Pass this on to all your tea or coffee drinking friends.