Soulful 'Voice' Contestant Channels Keith Whitley, Ends Up On Team Blake

There’s a reason that competition-based reality shows centered around singing are so popular these days.

It’s because watching someone put their heart, soul, and talent on the line to try to become successful at their craft is inspiring and amazing to watch.

Although there are thousands of contestants that try out for shows like “American Idol” and “The Voice,” there are millions of others that never even take that first step because it’s a nerve-wracking experience.

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Sometimes, to reach your goals, you have to put yourself out there. And that’s exactly what contestant Dalton Dover, from Georgia, did when he tried out for “The Voice.” Dalton grew up singing in churches accompanied by his grandpa, the one that Dalton credits all of his influence and inspiration from.

Dalton has been playing local shows in his hometown where he’s become a bit of a celebrity for his talent at covering ‘90s country music hits. For this reason, Dalton knew that he had to take his shot at competing on the reality show.

He is married with children, and they all came to watch his audition. But what song did he choose to cover? None the than Keith Whitley’s notable song, “Don’t Close Your Eyes.”

This song was sure to please anyone who is a fan of country music! The song came out in 1988 and was released on Whitley’s record of the same title. The song was so influential it was even chosen to be Billboard’s number one track for the entire year. Whitley, unfortunately, passed the year after the song’s success, so it became one of his final hits before his untimely demise.

Dalton’s amazing rendition of the track had the judges and the audience shocked by his sheer vocal ability. Blake Shelton, a country music star himself, decided that he needed Dalton on his team for the rest of the competition.

While the other judges didn’t think that he would be the best fit for their squads and figured that he was more suited towards Blake’s genre of music, Blake knew right from the instant Dalton began singing that he wanted him to join him.

Thankful that he didn’t have to fight over what squad to be on, now Dalton and Blake will continue on in the competition together and rejoiced over their admiration for Whitley’s music. You can watch Dalton’s audition in the video below. Do you think he has a shot at winning “The Voice?”