Son Taken Aback When His Mom Questions His Wife's Housekeeping: Comeback Has Internet Applauding

Clint Edwards and his wife Mel are modern parents. They both work and struggle to find time to spend together as a family. With three young children, their house is often a bit of a mess. Clint never saw their messy home as a problem. At least, not until his mother mentioned it in a telephone conversation.

Clint Edwards was talking to his mom on the phone while he finished washing dishes. He was surprised when she nonchalantly asked if it bothered him that his wife didn't keep their home clean. 

Clint's mother wasn't being rude. She came from a generation where women were housewives and men earned the paycheck. She didn't understand why Clint and Mel couldn't do the same.

When Clint was a child, his father gave him advice about choosing a wife. He told him to stop by his potential wife's house unexpected. Clint's father believed you could tell a lot about a woman by how she cleans her home. His mother obviously felt the same way.

 Clint Edwards, however, didn't get married because he wanted a housekeeper. He married Mel because he loved her. Clint was drawn to Mel because of her kindness and her positive outlook on life. She's not only brilliant and beautiful but also an amazing mother to their children. For Clint, that all means more than a spotless house ever could.

So, how did Clint respond to his mother?

He told her he married Mel because she was the one he wanted to spend his life with, not because he wanted a clean house. After a few moments of silence, Clint's mother agreed that love was probably more important than a clean house anyway.

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