Son Sends Video To Parents On Vacation To Show Them Their Dog Is Alright

Mar 06, 2019

As a devoted pet owner, it can be hard to leave your dog at home even if you're about to take a well-deserved family holiday. Garrett Johnson’s mom expressed reluctance when she decided to leave her fluffy white pooch, Oscar, with her son during a one-week cruise. Yet Johnson reassured his mother in the best way possible—with a well-choreographed video showing Oscar being spoiled silly by his pet sitter.

The video begins with Johnson, a young man in a pullover hoodie and jeans, asking the small dog, “So what do you want to do?” Oscar, apparently skeptical by nature, gives his family member the side eye as if asking what his choices were in this regard. Then the video segues into multiple hilarious situations involving both Johnson and the dog. From dancing in the living room to cuddles on the couch, Oscar is the spoiled star of the video. Johnson even sets up a formal dinner between the two of them—pizza for Johnson and a bowl of water and kibble on the table for Oscar.

Oscar was born to be a star as was evident in the video. He poses for the camera, gives Johnson affectionate licks and snuggles, and helps choose a movie before bedtime. Finally, when the day is done, Oscar races up the stairs with Johnson in pursuit. The little dog dives into his pet bed ready to snooze and start the fun all over again in the morning.

Johnson’s video is sweet and uplifting, but even more—it is the perfect way to assuage a parent’s guilt over leaving their dog behind while on vacation. After receiving the video, Mom and Dad must have rested easily on their cruise knowing that Oscar was in best hands with their son.

Do you worry when you leave your pets behind to travel? How do you accommodate them in the meantime? Tell us all about it in the comments and in case Johnson’s video made you laugh, pass the giggles onto a friend or coworker to make their day too!