Some Simple But Perfect Date Ideas For Winter

Dating can be especially fun during the winter months, with their many holidays, parades and festive events. The scenery is beautiful and the temperatures are perfect for cuddling! Here are some special places to take your date during this time of year:


1. Take A Cooking Class

Learn something new, like how to make a pumpkin pie.

2. Make Christmas Cookies

Put the skills you both learned in that cooking class to good use.

3. Cuddle Up By The Fire

You can't beat warming up by a fire, the romantic flickering of light, sitting close to the one you love and of course, you can’t forget the s’mores!

4. Pretend You Are Tourists

Always wanted to visit that museum round the corner? Now is the time! Take a day to play tourist in your own town.

5. Take A Sleigh RIde

There are few things more romantic than a sleigh ride, cuddle up under a blanket and enjoy the views.

6. Stay In A Mountain Hut

Find a secluded hut somewhere, and have a mini getaway for two. Leave the cell phones at home, take along a bottle (or two) of wine and just enjoy each other’s company!

7. Ice Skating

Holding hands and gracefully skating across a pond is the quintessential winter date!

8. Gaze At The Stars

Start with a road trip and end with a gaze at the night sky, but don't forget to bring along some blankets.

9. Visit Another Town

Exploring a nearby town can be as exciting as exploring nature and is perfect for chilly winter days! You can discover a new coffee shop, browse shop windows and check out the sights. 

10. Meet Over A Hot Drink

Hot chocolate, mulled wine, hot apple cider… the list is endless and delicious! Add a few blankets and some snacks and it is the perfect date!

11. Private Cinema Movie Night

Turn your lounge into a private cinema complete with loveseat for two, popcorn and your favorite drink! Don’t forget to dim the lights ;)

12. Look At Christmas Lights

Drive around town in your pajamas with a thermos of hot chocolate and look at everybody’s Christmas lights! Add some holiday music and you have the perfect evening.

13. Bookstore Date Night

Find your local bookstore and each pick out a book for each other - fun and perfect for winter reading material!

15. Indoor Picnic

Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean you can’t have a picnic! Set up a blanket and some candles on the floor and enjoy a romantic evening for two.

11. Find A Winter Wonderland

Bundle up and take a walk together - enjoy the festive decorations and beautiful scenery.

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